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Plants of the Chicago Region

Silvics of North America


 Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture

Agroforestry In Dryland Africa

Manual of Woody Landscape Plants

Trees, Shrubs, & Flowers to Know in British Columbia

Plants of Northern British Columbia


Plants of Coastal British Columbia


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Silvics Vol 1 & 2:

Deciduous Forest of Eastern North America:;view=1up;seq=1

Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture: (

Agroforestry in Dryland Africa:

Facebook Food Forest Group:

Chicago's First Food Forest:

Chicago's First Food Forest Walkthrough with Permaculture Designer Matthew Stephens:

Urban Food Forests Around The World: 20 Urban Food Forest from Around the World 

Essentials of Forest Ecology:

Bill Mollison PDC Videos(Network Earth):

In Grave Danger of Falling Foods - Bill Mollison:

A guide to the wild flowering plants of the Chicago (Swink, Floyd) :;view=1up;seq=5

Bill Mollison PDC 2008:

Permaculture Archives:

Bill Mollison PDC 1983:

Old Forest Map of US:

Global Biomass Map:

Global Biomass Map:

Amazon Biomass:

FAO Forest Biomes Global Map:

Continental Biomass Map:

Congo Forest Biomass Map:

US Forest Maps:

Global Forest Watch:


African Threatened Biome and Deforestation Rate:

African Groundwater(Aquifers):

African Biomes:

Intact Congo Rainforest:

Global FSC Forest Stewardship Council Map:

World Rainforest Map:

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon:

Annual Forest Loss in the Amazon:

Annual Forest Loss in the Non Brazilian Amazon:

List of Countries by Greenhouse Gas:

Human Influence Index:

Human Footprint North America:

The Human Footprint (Global):

The Human Footprint (South America):

Forests in the US:

Forest Cover, Botswana:

Forest Cover:

Global Forest Map:

Conservation Ecology:

Ecosystems as Circuits:

Trees for South Carolina:

Permaculture Agroecology Science Research Paper:

Soil Conservation Techniques For Hillside Farms:

Role of Forest Trees in Indigenous Farms:

Agroforestry Training Manual:

Love The Law of Life:

Keyline Plan:http:

Small Is Beautiful:

Forest Ecology:

Fundamentals of Ecology:

Goethe Plants:

Forest Farming:

Amazon Fires Map:

Eastern Deciduous Forests:

Biodiversity and Coarse Woody Debris In Southern Forests: 

Martin Crawford's Forest Garden (Video):

What is a forest garden? 

Streamside Forest Planting in Washington:


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